A torsion weeder for the plant row

When you start hoeing in the planting row, you can opt for a torsion weeder. A torsion weeder is suitable for more sensitive crops, the power of the torsion weeder can be adjusted to the growth stage. A torsion weeder fits both the basic and the combi element .

Torsion weeder

How does a torsion weeder work:

The torsion weeder consists of two spring tines; Torsion weeder tine on the left and a torsion weeder tine on the right . these teeth face each other. A torsion weeder works 1 to 2 cm from the ground and goes right along both sides of the planting row. The springy action of the tines loosens weeds in the row of plants. When the torsion weeder moves past the plant, resistance is generated on the tip of the torsion weeder. This causes the torsion weeder to open and close again.

A torsion weeder is adjustable, so you can make it work more aggressively with a firm crop. You do this by adjusting the angle by means of bolts on a holder. But the width is also adjustable through a slotted hole.

Slotted hole

You hang the torsion weeder on a holder, this holder is needed to attach the torsion weeder frame to the blade holder . The blade holder is attached to your hoeing element.

We sell three types of holders in our webshop:

Which type of holder you need depends on the type of element.

You can adjust the final angle of the torsion weeder with a degree adjustment / point adjustment on the torsion weeder holder.

Torsion weeder

Finally, torsion weeders are also available with several tines:

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Torsion weeder tine house brand Hengers