Spray caps and spray sets

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    Spray caps and spray sets

    By applying spray hoods, up to 80% of pesticides can be saved. The tunnel (spray hood) is placed over the crops and protects the crop against the pesticides.

    You can in our webshop two find different types of spray hoods :

    The MS2 spray hoods are the most well-known spray hoods, which are mainly known from beet, onion and carrot cultivation.

    The EC spray underleaf is suitable for crops grown on ridges, such as potatoes and peonies.

    Both the MS2 spray hood and the EC-spray underleaf spray hood are fitted with an Airmix 100-03 nozzle, which is mounted on a nozzle holder and is adjustable in height. This allows the correct spray pattern to be achieved.

    In addition to the complete hoods, you will also find individual parts in our webshop: Manifolds with filter, hose sets, nozzle holders, spray sets, rubber flap, etc.