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    Hoe elements

    Hoeing elements are attached to the frame of the hoeing machine by means of an attachment. There are two types of hoe elements:

    • The basic element
    • The Combi element

    The choice of the type of element depends on the type of soil and the size of the crop.

    Each element contains a wheel. The wheel is attached to the element by means of a fork. There is a choice of different types and sizes of running wheels:

    A knife holder is attached to both the Basic and the Combi elements.

    With the Basic element you can choose from the following knife holders:

    Two different knife holders are available for the Combi element .

    With these long blade holders, more ground flow is created through the elements.

    If you use 3 knives in a knife holder, you can choose to equip the Combi element with the EC-space system . This unique system from Steketee makes it possible to quickly adjust the hoe width