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    Frame and coupling parts Steketee hoeing machine

    The frame of the Steketee hoeing machine is made of sturdy steel to ensure durability and strength. The frame acts as the base of the machine and provides support for multiple components.

    The Steketee frame consists of a profile beam (or tube 80x80 ), a front piece, a fixed three-point hitch (or separate lifting and top link parts), support wheels and support legs.

    The profile beam is unique because of its shape, it is very sturdy and fixed. In addition, the profile beam is easy to assemble and adjustable.

    You mount the attachment to the profile beam, then mount the support legs, support wheels, 3-point trestle or hoeing elements (parallelograms) to this attachment.

    Support legs
    You can choose to
    rest the machine on support legs . Support legs are attached by a strop and bolts to a profile beam , a tube 80x80 or to a 100x100 frame. Each support leg has several positions. This way you can store the machine in different heights.

    Support wheels

    There are two kinds support wheels :
    - Fixed wheels
    - Swiveling wheels

    You use fixed support wheels at the rear of the tractor and swiveling support wheels in front of the tractor.

    Coupling blocks
    By means of  coupling blocks you mount the frame of the Steketee hoeing machine to the tractor. Think of one  three-point hitch or separate lift and top link parts.