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    78 products


    The most well-known hoe blade is the A-blade (or also known as the V-blade). The A-knife owes its name to the shape of the knife, it resembles an A. The average height of this knife is 4mm, the larger knives are 5mm high.

    A blades are used for hoeing crops in agriculture. The Steketee A-knives are made of sturdy material that can withstand harsh conditions.

    The A-knives are available in the following sizes:
    8cm , 10cm , 12cm , 14cm , 16cm , 18cm , 20cm , 22cm , 24cm , 26cm , 28cm ,
    30cm , 32cm , 34cm , 36cm , 38cm , 40cm , 42cm , 45cm , 50cm , 55cm , 60cm ,
    and 65cm .

    The to steal of the Steketee knives are always 30x10mm.