Accurate work with the IC-light camera system

With the IC-light camera control for the EC-steer steering frame you can control weeds even more accurately. The camera , the terminal including computer and the parallel control frame make it possible to work accurately both day and night.

How does the IC-light system work:

The system takes over steering the hoeing machine between the rows and thus limits damage to crops.

The camera takes images of the crop rows and sends this data to the terminal. The camera recognizes one to five crop rows in vegetable shades or in RGB colours. In addition, the camera includes a self-learning function for recognizing specific color tones of the crop in the field. The camera also works well in a lot of shade.

camera ic light

Parallel steering frame:

The control signal is converted to a correction for the hoeing machine by means of the hydraulic parallel steering frame. This parallelogram steering creates an even and soft steering movement. The swivel range is a maximum of 20 cm to the left and right.

Setting up the IC light camera is simple. The terminal, which is combined with a touchscreen and job computer, has clear symbols and simple operation. By switching between the live and digital view, the camera settings can be well adapted to the circumstances.

IC light terminal

The three components above are the basis for any IC light system . But you can further expand the system with the following options :

  • LED work lights
  • joystick
  • Second camera
  • Multiple IC light systems
  • EC steer with three-point coupling

LED work lights :
You can use these work lights if you want to work at night. The LED lighting ensures that the field of view of the cameras is illuminated. This allows you to work accurately at night.

work lights

joystick :
Do you want manual control over the control of your EC-Weeder? Then a joystick can be added. This allows you to pause the camera or control it completely manually.

Second camera :
By adding a second camera you can work even more accurately. This includes lifting out elements and finger weeders when turning. But you can also apply switch-cam, the camera with the best image quality then becomes leading.

Multiple IC light systems :
If more than one seed drill width or seed bed has to be processed in one pass, several IC-light systems can be mounted independently on one EC-Weeder, as it were. while only one terminal is used.

EC-Steer with three-point coupling :
Do you want to use one IC-light camera control on different hoeing machines? For this purpose, the EC-steer parallel displacement frame is not permanently installed in the EC-Weeder, but a triangle or three-point linkage has been fitted to couple several hoeing machines. This way you can quickly and easily change hoeing machine.

ec steer

If you need parts for your existing IC-light system, take a look at our website.

Would you like more information about the IC-light system? watch the video below or feel free to contact us.