Finger weeders, for weed control in the crop row

A finger weeder uproots weeds within the crop row. The finger weeder then transports the weeds out of the row, after which they can dry out.

How does a finger weeder work

A finger weeder works in the top layer of the plant row and is specially designed to control small and newly germinated weeds in the crop row

Finger weeders consist of rotating discs with flexible rubber fingers attached to them. The flexible rubber fingers are driven by a steel disc with red steel pins. Because the rubber flexible fingers of the finger weeders are longer than the red drive pins, the speed at the end is higher, so that the weeds are thrown out of the crop row. The more pressure on the fingers, the more aggressive the weeder will work. The positions of the finger weeders can also be decisive (next to each other, behind each other, in each other)

Due to the rotating movement of the rubber fingers, there is less chance of blockages in the machine.

Brush weeders

It is also possible to replace the disc with flexible fingers for a disc with brush fingers. These brush weeders are slightly kinder to the crop than the rubber finger weeders. Brush weeders are used, for example, for lettuce and onions or perennial garden plants.

Various sizes

Finger weeders are available in different sizes, so there is a suitable finger weeder for every row distance:

- 220mm diameter
- 340mm diameter
- 400mm diameter

Brush weeders are available in:
- 220mm diameter
- 340mm diameter

finger weeder

The confirmation of finger weeders:

Finger weeders can be attached in 2 ways :

- Behind an element
- With a spring-loaded arm

Behind an element:
When you choose to attach a finger weeder behind an element, a handle is used. You attach cross sleeves to this handle with which you can adjust the width and length.
The advantage of attaching a finger weeder directly behind the element is that it remains nice and compact without many deviations. The disadvantage of this attachment is that it is more difficult to adjust.

With a spring-loaded arm:
A spring-loaded finger weeder arm is attached to the back of the hoe beam and can be put into transport and working position by means of teeth. You attach the finger weeders to the arm with tubes and sliding parts . The advantage of this spring-loaded arm is that you can relieve and load it in pressure. This allows you to make the finger weeders more or less aggressive, so that the finger weeder can be adjusted perfectly. You will achieve maximum results with this!

Individual parts for finger weeders can also be found in the webshop.