How Herenboeren can hoe away weeds

With the Herenboeren foundation, we see a great development in the field of sustainable food production.

A little explanation; Herenboeren Nederland is a movement of citizens who jointly own a farm. These citizens hire a farmer who takes care of the vegetables, the fruit and the animals. Together they strive for a small cycle with as little outside input as possible.

Gentleman farmers therefore have an XXL vegetable garden that they have to maintain and maintain. Maintaining his vegetable garden has challenges in terms of weed control. Especially if the cultivation is done in a sustainable and organic way. In the growing season, between sowing and harvesting, weeds are enemy number 1. No vegetables can grow where weeds grow, but weeds also take away water, nutrients and sunlight in addition to the place. It is therefore important to keep a crop weed-free.

Steketee hoeing machine

With a Steketee hoeing machine you can tackle weeds and keep your vegetables clean. However, the choice of attributes is large:

Good knowledge of the operation of each part is therefore a requirement for a good result with hoeing.

On our YouTube page you will find interesting product videos with more information about the various attributes. For example, which types of hoe blades there are, and what the effect is per type of blade.

Gerry and Henry (van and Hengers Agro) can also give appropriate advice.

The most important points for a good hoeing result:

  • Tillage: flat and firm!
  • Sowing, planting and planting: as straight as possible and with the correct row spacing!
  • Hoeing: the right attributes for each vegetable crop!