Sharp hoeing with Steketee hoeing knives

Mechanical weed control is back in today's society. Controlling weeds with a hoeing machine is less harmful to the environment than using chemical agents.

hoe blades

Each hoeing machine is equipped with hoeing blades . These blades cut the weeds superficially, pull them out of the ground or remove them. There are three different types of knives. The choice of the right knife partly depends on the soil and the crop.

- A- blades
- L-blades
- Goose feet

A- blades:

The most well-known hoe blade is the A-blade (or also known as the V-blade). The A-knife owes its name to the shape of the blade, it resembles an A. The average height of this knife is 4mm, the larger knives are 5mm high.

The A-knives are available in the following sizes:
8cm , 10cm , 12cm , 14cm , 16cm , 18cm , 20cm , 22cm , 24cm , 26cm , 28cm ,
30cm , 32cm , 34cm , 36cm , 38cm , 40cm , 42cm , 45cm , 50cm , 55cm , 60cm ,
and 65 cm .

The handles of the Steketee knives are always 30x10mm.

L- blades:
L-blades, also known as angle knives, are suitable for hoeing close to the plant. The front has a cutting and breaking effect. The angle is adjustable on the stem. There are 2 types of stems: A straight stem and a bent stem . The set stem provides more distance to the plant, so that there is less damage to the plant.

L knives are available in:
- 8cm left
- 8cm right
- 15cm left
- 15cm right
- 15cm left complete
- 15cm right complete
- 15cm left sandy soil
- 15cm right sandy soil
The L-blades can also be used in combination with a protective disc . In general, this knife comes into its own on heavier soils.

L blade

Goose feet

Goose feet are available in 3 sizes:

- 135mm
- 155mm
- 200mm

Goose feet are always attached to a vibrating tine, which gives them a moving effect, which means they have a lot of ground displacement. This is very suitable for removing wheel tracks from the tractor or for higher crops where soil displacement is not a problem.

Vibrating tines are available in 2 sizes:
- Low vibrating tine
- High vibrating tooth

Knife holders:

Hoe blades can be attached to two different blade holders:
- Fixed blade holder
- Vibro knife holder

A fixed knife holder in combination with an A or L knife is an accurate aid for stone-free soils and has a cutting effect.

When you use an A or L knife in combination with a Vibro knife holder, it is also suitable for stony soils or for larger weeds. This is because the vibro knife holder can deflect in the direction of travel. The Vibro knife holder also builds up more pressure on weeds, so that these roots can be cut off better. An A or L blade attached to a vibro blade holder has a vibrating, cutting and removing action.

vibro knife holder

The choice of hoe blade depends on the type of soil and the crop, can't you find a solution? Please feel free to contact us.