Steketee SprayHub and SprayKit

Steketee Front Tank SprayHub

The Steketee front tank Sprayhub can be used for administering crop protection products. The spray hub can be used as a row sprayer in combination with an EC-weeder hoeing machine. The front tank and the hoeing machine work together thanks to the SprayKit (spray technology)


By using this Sprayhub in combination with an EC-weeder hoeing machine, between 40% and 60% of spraying agent can be saved. This is because this combination ensures that spraying takes place concentrated and only within the rows. In addition, it saves a lot of time, as hoeing and spraying only require one pass.

Front tank

The front tank is equipped with its own control, agitator and cleaning. This is controlled via Isobus and can be operated via the MegaSpray software.


There are two different sizes of spray hub: 1100 liters or 1500 liters.

The spray hub contains a 127L clean water tank, hand wash tank and a filling sieve. The spray hub also contains an extra rinse head for dissolving solid substances.

SprayHub Front Tank


The SprayKit is a nozzle holder per hoeing element that can be adjusted in height and working angle for row spraying while hoeing. This way you can administer liquid fertilizers, crop protection products and other liquids.

cap holder

The SprayKit can be equipped with an electric nozzle control via ISOBUS. This allows you to switch on and off row by row via GPS and Section Control.