The basis of a hoeing machine is the frame

Every farmer wants a machine that is adapted to his wishes. The Steketee machine is a fully adjustable hoeing machine for between rows.

The basis for every Steketee hoeing machine is the profile beam . The profile beam is unique because of its shape, it is very sturdy and fixed. In addition, the profile beam is easy to assemble and adjustable. Attribute front pieces have a clamping plate . You slide this clamping plate into the profile beam, then tighten the attachment with a bolt and it is fixed.

profile bar

You attach the support legs , support wheels , 3-point blocks or hoeing elements (parallelograms) to the attachment.

Profile beams are available in, among others:
- 1100mm
- 1500mm
- 2100mm
- 2600mm
- 3200mm

You can also choose not to work with a profile beam, but with a tube 80x80. Various attachments such as:
Tube 80x80mm mounting 70cm Basic complete

Three-point hitch

To attach the tractor to your hoe bar, you can choose:
- Loose lift and top link parts
- Fixed three-point hitch

Both a three-point headstock and separate lift and top link parts can be attached by means of bolts to a profile beam or to a tube 80x80 with a U-bolt.

The advantage of a fixed three-point hitch is that you can expand it later with extensions. You can mount a three-point hitch on both the front and rear of this extension. This way you can hoe in front and behind.

Steketee Front mounting bracket 1700 complete

The separate lift and top link parts are more compact, lighter and simpler. This is often more convenient for existing hoeing machines, for example.

three-point hitch

Support legs

When the hoeing season is over, the hoeing machine is put away in the shed. You can choose to rest the machine on support legs . Support legs are attached by a strop and bolts to a profile beam , a tube 80x80 or to a 100x100 frame. Each support leg has several positions. This way you can store the machine in different heights.

Support legs

Support wheels

finally we have the support wheels. There are two types of support wheels :
- Fixed wheels
- Swiveling wheels

You use fixed support wheels at the back of the tractor and swiveling support wheels in front of the tractor.

The suspension is the same for both fixed and swivel wheels. You attach the wheels to a profile beam or a tube 80x80 by means of a tube. You can then adjust the wheel forwards or backwards. You can also adjust it in height, so that the machine is always properly adjusted.

support wheels

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