Which type of element is suitable for your crop?

There are two types of hoe elements. The Basic element and the Combi element . In this blog we are going to give some more information about these different elements .

basic element:

The basic element is the simpler of the two elements and is suitable for a row distance of up to 50 cm. The element has a modular structure. Each Basic element contains a front piece. You can attach this front piece to a profile beam or to a tube 80x80. The attachment is available in 50 , 60 or 70 cm below the beam.

basic item

Furthermore, the basic element contains parallelograms that are attached with a bush and two wear bushes. So that the plastic part always wears out, and the steel part remains. This type of suspension is easily replaceable and does not get stuck.

basic item

The basic element contains a spring attachment , a hook and a spindle :

  • The spring attachment on the side of the basic element ensures that there is pressure downwards. This way you can get into the ground better in harder soil.
  • The hook on the other side of the element allows you to lift the element out and then lock it.
  • With the help of a spindle you can adjust the depth control. By turning the spindle you turn the fork in and out.

A wheel is attached to the fork . There is a choice of 3 sizes of running wheels:

A knife holder is attached to the back of the element with four bolts.

There are different types of knife holders:

  • Fixed knife holder with 3 sliding parts
    With this knife holder there is room for 1 fixed hoes. There is room for 2 sliding parts at the back. Hoes can also be placed in these sliding parts, so that you can easily adjust the working width of the element.

  • Vibro blade holder
    The vibro knife holder is constructed in the same way, 1 knife in front and if necessary. 2 behind. The difference is that these blades can move in the direction of travel. This ensures better unloading of weeds.

  • Vibrating blade holder
    Then there is a knife holder for vibrating teeth with a goose foot. Again, 3 knives can be placed here. You choose the vibrating tine mainly for the tractor driving tracks that have become stuck.

  • Hoe discs blade holder
    The last knife holder is suitable for 1 fixed knife at the front and 2 sliding parts for a hoe disc in combination with a corner knife. This is suitable for heavier soils. The disc protects the plant from striking soil. The corner blades go neatly along the plant.

Finally; The basic element is ideal for smaller crops due to its more compact and lighter construction.


Combi element:

The combi element is the heavier element and is suitable for row spacings of 75, 80 and 90 cm, but also for heavier soils. This element always has 70cm ground clearance under the beam

Combi element

The bearing element contains a bolt on the profile beam on both sides of the clamping plate . This makes it stronger and suitable for wider working widths.

Combi element

Two different knife holders are available for the combi element.

With these long blade holders, more ground flow is created through the elements.

At the back of these knife holders there is room for a ridging chisel or another attribute holder.

You can adjust the height of the hoe by means of a spindle. There is a scale on the side of the element, on which you can see in what position the knife is.

There are also 3 different running wheels available for the Combi element:



If you use 3 knives in a knife holder, you can choose to equip the Combi element with the EC-space system . This unique system from Steketee makes it possible to quickly adjust the hoe width. The blades can be made wider and narrower by means of spindles . This is ideal when you are working in different crops or crop sizes.

You can also expand your existing hoeing machine with this.

For more information you can also watch on YouTube or feel free to contact us!