How to hoe the weeds really well with a Steketee weed

by Henry Meijering

A Steketee weeding harrow is ideal for throwing the hoeed soil over again and also killing the germinating weeds. The tines of the weeding harrow pull loose the (germinating) weeds, after which they dry out in the sun and the wind and cannot take root. Would you like optimal results from your hoeing work? Then post-processing with a Steketee weeding machine is what awaits you! In this article we explain what a Steketee weeding harrow is, how it is used and what its function is.

Steketee weeding weed

What is a Steketee weeder?

A weeder is a part that you place behind a hoeing element and that you use against weeds that have not come loose properly. With a weeder you scrape the hoeed soil loose again, so that the remaining weeds loosen and dry out. A weeding harrow has so-called weeding tines and is available in different working widths in our webshop.

Choose the required weeding harrow variant based on the space between the crop rows:

With the above products, the weeding dough is supplied in its entirety. This means including weed tines and a handle. Separate parts of the old Steketee weeding harrow model are also still available in our webshop, see: Weeding harrow parts old model .

How does a Steketee weeding harrow work?

You hang a weeding harrow behind a hoe element (combi or basic element) by means of a holder. Sliding parts are mounted on this holder to which the weeder tines are attached. These sliding parts are optionally available separately in the sizes 245 mm and 450 mm . If you buy a complete set - as above - the sliding parts are included.

There is also a bolt at the bottom of the weeding unit with which you can move the sliding part and thus set the weeding unit at the correct working width. In addition, it is possible to move the weeding tines closer or further apart. This makes it easy to determine the intensity of the weeding dough.

Order separate parts for the Steketee weeding harrow

Do you have an existing weeder and do you need new parts? Take a good look, for example, to see whether you have ordered the correct size of weeding tines. If you're not sure what you need exactly, don't hesitate to get in touch! We are happy to help you.

Steketee weeding explanation in a video

Are you curious how the above works in practice? Our Steketee specialist, Henry Meijering explains it in a video: